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you guys always talk when I'm sleeping


@austincrft, @lucien.knechtli correct there is no way to disable a package yet. You'd have to get rid of the entire layer. In most cases we tried to add a toggle though (spc t xxxx) to turn off some features here and there because a layer could rely on a certain package to work


we tried to keep it very modular so each layer is as small as possible and easily to exclude


@katy proton keeps all your packages (and itself) silently up to date. Atom itself you need to upgrade manually


@lucien.knechtli: can you check why that CPU spike happens? If it is inside atom or apm?


if it is apm it could be that atom upgrades packages at that moment


for config settings, configs are currently a vector of [k v]. Nested stuff in atom like

- foo
  bar: 123
would be [ 123] in proton. If you nest a vector inside a vector like [ [1 2 3]] proton will collapse the value into a js array of [1, 2, 3]. In general every value will get parsed with clj->js to their javascript version


@dvcrn: Thanks for the information! I noticed that it says you're 15 hours ahead of me. If you don't mind me getting a bit personal, where do you live?


a bit awkward timezone, yeah


Oh, bad ass! I've been in Texas my whole life (Yes, we have internet. No, we don't ride horses.). I wish I had the opportunity to travel more.


I made the opportunity. Hamstered some money, quit my job and left. And then I found a job here


Not quite so easy for me. I had a son at a very young age, and he is more important to me than geography. That is so cool that you did that, though! I always hear tales like that, but never get to talk to people that have experienced it firsthand. Props. 😄


yeah that's obviously different then. I just couldn't imagine living my entire life in the same spot


I definitely feel you. Especially somewhere as flat as Texas. No good hiking spots and everything is flat.


not much hiking here either 😛 except hiking on skyscrapers if that's your thing


@dvcrn: it actually isn't atom, apm, or proton as far as I can tell - the process hogging cpu is zsh