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Joe Lane14:09:58

Hi friends, I see that the portkey/aws-clj-sdk depends on aws-sdk-ruby in its api-resources directory. I’m assuming this is to get access to the machine readable json specifications that the ruby version has. Does anyone know off the top of their head where THAT library gets those json specifications from or should I just keep digging?


Please keep digging and report your findings!


I believe it comes from an internal repo at Amazon. It would be cool to find a public source.

Joe Lane14:09:12

Agreed. I’ll keep digging. I just found and my mind exploded with the (percieved) simplicity this brings (has been bringing!?) to the clojure/java interop story. I’m excited to find those json specifications though to create specs like we have here in portkey.

Joe Lane14:09:46

Look at the tests. It feels like cheating. I like cheating 🙂