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and great news about the job adverts @mccraigmccraig!


and now all together! Y… M! C! A!

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@lady3janepl aaarrrrrrhhhhhhggggggg now I will have that melody in my head for rest of the day!


@thomas want me to suggest an alternative? I have a ready supply of obnoxious earworms 😛


Morning folks!

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not sure @lady3janepl... sounds like a dangerous game to me that could affect my mental health.


Hello all, I am a little concerned about the future of the ClojureX conference. As an organising community we have been unable to replicate the balance of speakers we achieved last year. This is starting to cause concern with some of the speakers already scheduled. I am very worried some people will pull out if we do not find more diversity and we wont have enough speakers for a conference line up. If any one knows any people willing to speak about Clojure and Functional Programming from under-represented groups then please let me know asap.


@jr0cket have you tweeted about this? That might be easier to get a bigger reach... (but also understandable if you don't want to do that at the moment)


People pull out because of lack of diversity??


I know of several conferences that have closed down because of this issue, especially when it gets onto social media


I am asking SkillsMatter to again reach out to our current speakers and see if they have colleagues that can join them in speaking. This has proved an effective way in the past to help support new speakers and increase diversity. One of our speakers is hopefully being superseded by one of their colleges (who gave a great talk last year so are really hopeful they will speak again).


I will message a couple of folks

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The London Java Community are running a 'new speaker night' next week that has a dedicated woman’s track with advice from developers and conference speakers including Holly Cummins, Margriet Groenendijk, Stefania Chaplin and Katherine Stanley: Clojurians and other developers are encouraged to attend and if you can encourage and support colleagues with public speaking in any way it is much appreciated. It would be great to support more people in sharing their experiences at our events.

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idk I think it's important - if it's pycon or rubyconf and you can't be diverse then you're not trying hard enough to encourage folk to participate, BUT the clojure community is a lot smaller


that said, we should try our best and I see why it's an issue


One additional point. I would really appreciate volunteers to compare/MC the ClojureX conference event on the day. I am all to aware that this has mostly been done by white males (typically from the North - Bruce, Chris, myself). I am happy to pair MC to give anyone a chance and will of course give full support to anyone interested.

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Here is a tweet about the new speaker night, if you twitter please consider liking and retweeting

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I unfortunately don’t have social media accounts(🙈) but contacted the organisers of our local clojure meet-up who should be able to put the word out.

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Also done

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Does anyone have a strong opinion on the "best" clojure library for working with html elements? As an example, selecting a DOM element out of data in the body of a slurp and drilling further into it's attributes like input field names and values, etc.


@jr0cket RT'd. Do you have a tweet asking for more diversity in the MC/speaker line up for ClojureX that I can RT?


@seancorfield looks like we have a quite a few options already for MC, but if we need more I will post a link to a tweet here. Thanks for your support.


@yogidevbear I have really enjoyed enlive


I can second that too, theres also potentially


I would second third enlive: There is also: But enlive has always been my goto tool for this job.


cc @yogidevbear (wasn’t sure if you’d see this thread or not)

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Thanks for all the feedback simple_smile I'll give enlive a go first

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I LOVED using Enlive to do web-scraping - just AWESOME


Enlive for me too


Enlive worked great for what I needed. Thanks everyone 🙂

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This is very interesting as I was looking for a way to parse html defined SVG and convert it in Hiccup style Clojure (the opposite of Hiccup itself)