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Hi All, I just had a small question. Are there any good core.async based libraries out there which anyone is using in production to handle a large number of concurrent rest api calls on the server?


@punit-naik we use yada + aleph for this (not core.async, although it can be integrated)

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Anybody knows what JWK is? So far blog post about JWT that I've read never actually explained what it is


It's not clojure, but this library in haskell make use of JWK


And looking at buddy's source. It seems that JWK is just a format for a public/private key. Is this true?


Found in buddy.core.keys


@danielstockton I've already read that. But I still don't know what it is for.


It's just a standard way of representing cryptographic keys.


Preferable to every library implementing it's own format, so they can't be easily passed around.

Oli Bradford12:09:33

Guys, sorry for off topic. Dear Admin, if this is wrong channel, please tell me where should I put it 🙂 I've been collecting Slack groups since 2016. In 2017, I set a goal to find 1000 groups and did it successfully. Now I would like to present the results of months of hard work in 2018. I collected and verified 2000 Slack groups - (link to Slack group directory). Please check this out! You can find there a lot of new groups related to different programming languages, frameworks, etc. Enjoy.


looks like you have a typo - Ecommers


also, is jvm-german really "games"?


Anyone recommending any podcasts? I've listened to Defn so far when I am in the gym, great stuff.

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Cognitect have one. Recently therepl started one too.

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Bobbi Towers19:09:00

I really like Programming Throwdown. Not Clojure specific, but they had Mark Engelberg on a few months back and it was really cool, and I enjoy their format.


Hmm. Trying to figure out if there is something like a distributed database format, but with the ability to keep some parts not accessible to individual users...


Looked at the webdb section of dat, but that doesn't seem to support multiple editors...


Anyone have any thoughts?


off topic question even for off topic


I got a coop (6 month internship) offer from a company that works with robotics for about 30/hr


and another offer to return to a company that does taxes for about double that


has anyone else gone and made the fun vs money decision before?


I have experienced both in my career and I definitely picked for the long run. It really makes a difference for me to work on something you enjoy. Having said that, that's just six month so you might want to get the money 💵 😸


probably should add that the money requires java


so no then no 😄


Think about fun and money long term, in terms of compound interest. Is either of the projects a rare (for you, as of now) opportunity that opens a path to specialisation that will result in either more fun or more money? Will it be worth making a presentation on a conference, recording a talk? Take that one. Otherwise it’s a wash: use more immediate concerns like “bills need paying” or “need some more status in local community”.


Well I am now in a niche, not lucrative for me, but I am paying bills and having fun, I arrived at this point by having fun in contributing to open source mainly. I do not know whether I could have gotten more money actually, but I am definitely happier than when I was doing it only for the money


I got two kids, so definitely for the fun and against the money 😄

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valtteri07:09:51 Linus is a controversial character but this was a fun(!) and inspirational read regarding this topic.


I picked fun and interesting over money several years ago now. By that I mean, evidence suggests I could quite reasonably expect at least 50% more $ in industry, but far less fun than research in academia.🙂

Jp Soares18:09:41

I'm working in a 15 years legacy C# code.. besides the environment and the people that I work with it's not fun. My plan is to keep working in my side project (where I actually have fun) and be able to pay my bills with that.

Mario C.20:09:16

Clojures logo cracks me up

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Mario C.20:09:57

Gremlin language variant. Just in case you guys can't see the image I posted


@mario.cordova.862 I think we as a community should embrace some memorably ugly logos.