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Q for... @tengstrand I guess... Is the check command supposed to take test dependencies into account or is it just "mainline" (src) dependencies? Continued in thread...


As I've been working with my monorepo, which has per-project setup/teardown functions, I often find myself in a situation where check says OK but when I run test, the setup for a project fails because a brick dependency is missing...

seancorfield03:11:11 may just be because of transitive dependencies via legacy subprojects, but I'm not sure what check's behavior should be...?


As it is now, the check command doesn’t check for missing libraries, and I don’t think it will in the future either. The original idea with the check command was to check things that the compiler doesn’t check, like that we only access components through their interfaces in the src context (the test context doesn’t have this limitation). The list of checks (errors and warnings) has grown over time and contains checks today.


This is essentially a missing brick dependency in a project (not a "library") but it is complicated by our mixed legacy/Polylith setup. I'll see if I can repro in a pure Polylith setup.

Oliver Marks19:11:24

Is there any info on workspace.edn and how that works, I am curious how people work with projects do you run commands from the project folder, I noticed workspace.edn has the projects defined so wondered if you can work on the project with out entering the projects folder and running clojure -M:prod -mexample.core type commands

Oliver Marks20:11:52

ah okay, I see the urls are slightly different and i believe this has what I need on building from the workspace root 🙂

Oliver Marks20:11:18

thanks for pointing me at the correct docs

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Oliver Marks19:11:01

I did look on I am either missing it or workspace.edn is described else where