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Thanks. Here is the situation I ran into.

dorabs-imac:repro dorab$ clj -Tnew template :name io.github.bombaywalla/dorabtemplate
Creating project from in dorabtemplate

dorabs-imac:repro dorab$ clj -Sdeps '{:deps {io.github.bombaywalla/dorabtemplate {:local/root "./dorabtemplate"}}}' -Tnew create :template io.github.bombaywalla/dorabtemplate :name org.myorg/mylib
Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at (new.clj:52).
Unable to find template.edn for io.github.bombaywalla/dorabtemplate

Full report at:

dorabs-imac:repro dorab$ clj -Sdeps '{:deps {bombaywalla/dorabtemplate {:local/root "./dorabtemplate"}}}' -Tnew create :template bombaywalla/dorabtemplate :name org.myorg/mylib1
data-fn returning nil
template-fn returning edn
Creating project from bombaywalla/dorabtemplate in mylib1


The template name and the group/artifact don't need to match -- just as most code out there on GitHub doesn't have com/github/username/myns.clj files.


Most GH projects in <someuser>/<somerepo> tend to have namespaces that begin with <somerepo>.<whatever>


clj -Sdeps '{:deps {this-can/be.anything {:local/root "./dorabtemplate"}}}' -Tnew create :template bombaywalla/dorabtemplate :name org.myorg/mylib1


Right. I understand that the group/artifact has nothing to do with the namespace name. Does this mean that I cannot, using just the defaults, create a template (or lib, for that matter) that has io.github in the namespace? I would have to force the value of {{top}} to be what I want it.


Correct. Or edit the template after creation.


Gotit. Thanks.