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Nikolas Pafitis18:11:46

Hello guys, I'm working on a Polylith full stack "workspace as a framework" for web development and i have forked polylith and added some support for creating cljs/cljc bricks, and while it still needs some polishing, I think the polylith mentality suits frontend development as http://well.Is it something you'd like me to work on and eventually push upstream? Do you agree with polylith for cljs/frontend?

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Hi there. We'd definitely be interested. Would you mind linking to the fork?


Sounds awesome. I want!

Nikolas Pafitis11:11:13

When the framework starts taking shape I'll publish it as well

Nikolas Pafitis11:11:23

It's an old fork though so it's not up to date with master and also doesn't have the changes from issue-66 and others obviously

Nikolas Pafitis11:11:42

Basically what's different is that there's an implementation flag now that you can use implementation:cljs or implementation:cljc

Nikolas Pafitis11:11:56

poly test runner doesn't work unfortunately for cljs files and cljc files with reader conditionals and i haven't worked on it

Nikolas Pafitis12:11:06

and i don't know to what extent this breaks other features of polylith but we can discuss this


I have talked with @U2BDZ9JG3 and we can have a meeting about this when you have time @U0105D1EL4B and discuss different ideas.

Nikolas Pafitis16:11:35

Sure I'm up for it. PM me for details on arrangement


Furkan can this*:* • Tuesday: 9:00 - 10:00 or after 17:00 • Wednesday: 9:00 - 12:00 • Thursday: Any time before 17:00

Nikolas Pafitis22:11:50

Tuesday after 17:00 would be great


Okay, cool. I will suggest a time after 17 and then come back to you.


Now I remember that I can’t on Tuesday. Any other suggestions?


I mean not Tuesday after 17, but almost all other times.

Nikolas Pafitis13:11:03

Thursday at 15:00?


Yes, 15:00 UK time. I have told Furkan, and I guess this will work fine! I will come back to you when it’s confirmed by Furkan.


Hi all. Did this discussion go anywhere? I see the repo seems to be gone now?


I'm interested in polylith for a shadow-cljs / node-based project I'm hacking on, too!