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Daniel Slutsky10:11:42

Workshops in the coming days: Nov. 20, 15:00 UTC 120min Wrangling Arrays with dtype-next David Sletten Event: Zulip chat: Nov. 21, 03:00 UTC 90min An Intro to Statistical Inference Rohit Thadani Event: Zulip chat: Nov. 21, 16:00 UTC 90min Visualizing Data with Hanami Kira McLean Event: Zulip chat: Nov. 22, 17:00 UTC 120min Wrangling Sequences Like a Cowboy with Injest John Newman Injest Event: Zulip chat: All Nov. 2021 workshops:

Daniel Slutsky10:11:40

For John's Injest workshop, please look into the event link and see 👉the note:point_left: about recommended background.

Daniel Slutsky14:11:54

See you at the dtype-next workshop in about 20 minutes. Event: Zulip chat:

Daniel Slutsky23:11:55

See you at the Intro to Statistical Inference workshop with Rohit Thadani in a few hours: