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I'm trying to find a set of docs to read, to understand the full Pedestal picture. I'm now five minutes into the process; probably close to the target; but frustrated/amused at the search. Recording notes here, both to vent and in the hope that this helps a future cleanup. 1) A Google search took me, somehow, to Looks great; starts with "This tutorial will guide you step-by-step through pedestal-app in its entirety." But, then I noticed that this project has not been updated in four years! 2) Next, I found But, quickly realized that this is the toolset for building the docs, not the droid I was looking for. 3) But the does not have a link to where I should go for the docs. [Later: I now see there is a link, hidden at the top of the page above the GitHub status and file list. I didn't even know that GitHub lets projects write to there. So, ok, I should know to to go to But, I missed that clue, so bear with me as I wander] 4) I go back to, and read the to the end. Hurrah, I find links to "Documentation / Pedestal documentation / ... The latest API Docs", with two nice links. 5) So, I follow them. The API link looks useful for later, but I want to read some descriptions first. So, I save it to the side. The Pedestal Documentation link takes me to Looks good! 6) I read the first page. Nice intro. And, there is even a link at the bottom to the next page. This looks like exactly what I want: a linear guide through the key docs. 7) So, I follow the link to the next page: Wham, Boof. "Obsolete Guide". But, at least there is a link here to, so I now discover End of saga, I hope!


@deg, I’m sorry it’s so difficult to find the information you need. The site is the correct place to go to get an understanding of Pedestal beyond what’s provided in the Pedestal README. Some of the guides in the Pedestal code base are out of date. There is currently an issue to review them and migrate them to the site.


I do agree that the link to the site should be more prominent in the README


FYI, here’s the issue I was referring to:


Thanks. No "sorry" needed. Mostly, I was just trying to document the wrong steps I took, so things can be improved in the future.


That is much appreciated


Meanwhile, I've also linked to this from, where I've been trying to list the snags as I find them. (sorry I can't just fix the docs as I hit these; but I don't know enough yet).


That’s a great issue. Thanks for your thoroughness.


Heyas. Is it possible to stream multiple file uploads to a pedestal server? would that be content-type: multipart/form-data and transfer-encoding: chunked? (sorry, I'm rather new to this). Do I just use the multipart-form-data ring middleware?