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@darwin: the answer to this is probably "no, it's not possible" but I just want to double check: on safari (have to use to debug ipad), I get "Feature :formatters cannot be installed. Unsupported javascript context." -- this is for cljs devtools, not dirac -- does this basically mean (1) cljs devtools won't work on safari or (2) I need to install some other plugin on safari to make it work to support :formatters ?


@qqq Safari is not Chrome


@darwin: is it same to assume "short of apple switching over to chrome, dirac/cljs-devtooils won't be on safari in the next 12 months" ?


I don’t follow Safari development that closely. They have a different devtools implementation and custom formatters are mainly implemented in devtools. I don’t know about their plans to implement it somehow.


clear enough; thanks