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I'm getting the weirdest error -- at least I think it's an error? Almost impossible to google for, unfortunately (harmonium is the name of the project). This shows up before every repl prompt. Can anyone clue me in?


^ Namely the bit in red


@eggsyntax: not sure, but I think it has something to do with multiple connections - I noticed it recently when I was testing in multiple browsers. Don't think it's an error though


I thought it might, but I've definitely only got one (cljs) connection going (I'm using cider-jack-in-clojurescript, so I do also have a clj connection). That said, although it persisted across one emacs & cider restart, it's gone away after another one, so who knows? 😜 Thanks!


the TL;DR of it is that I find my cljs-build/figwheel setup a bit on the complicated side of things.


and I would imagine others feeling the same way.


One way I’d like to look into is if it were possible for the lein-figwheel (or some other plugin) to take care of all the stuff I have had to spell out in my project.clj.


Anyone else have thoughts on this, and would it be interesting for lein-fighweel to go down that avenue or is it totally out of scope?


@slipset: I would love it if it were simpler - I just end up starting with lein new figwheel every time and building from there because otherwise I miss something and have problems. On my someday list is figuring out how to contribute back to figwheel, but I haven't got there yet.