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Drew Verlee01:05:44

How do pyrostore and onyx relate?


The archiver component is built with Onyx, but does not expose anything about Onyx to users. The consumer does not use onyx at all, since the data is in the right layout at that point. onyx-kafka can be easily configured to consume from Pyrostore (blended with real-time kafka data when required).


It’s mostly a second product from Distributed Masonry, with some user overlap.

Drew Verlee01:05:16

gotcha! That makes sense to me.


@lucasbradstreet i'm interested in pyrostore - should i go through the webform for more info ?


I have an input task and a function task, and I want to execute an input task based on the output - is this impossible? how can workflows be composed?


You’re best off chaining the two jobs using storage of some kind. e.g. output to kafka, have another job read from kafka

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