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btw, if you guys are using exwm, I started section for Spacemacs users in the wiki if you are on Linux and haven't yet tried EXWM- I highly recommend it, it's "dreams come true" - Emacs becomes your OS


if you're avid Emacs user and debating either you should switch to Linux - AMA. I can rant for hours about merits and drawbacks and why I couldn't make Linux PC my main machine for so long and kept Mac as my primary workhorse.


Nice! I think this is the WM that I remember Phil Hagelberg (technomancy; creator of Leiningen) talking about on Mastodon. I do want to give it a shot.


I bounce back and forth between macOS and Linux (sometimes FreeBSD) a fair bit. Seems like I've spent a couple years here, a couple there for the past decade+.


I settled on Fluxbox years ago, but I want to use i3wm and exwm enough to really grok them.


Well, here it comes then. My main gripe about tiling window managers and Linux in general that most of them don't allow you to set complex keybindings. Even simplest thing like rebinding Ctrl+Tab|Ctrl+Shift+Tab in Chrome to Super+H/L is extremely non trivial thing. I was really surprised to find out that there's no equivalent to Hammerspoon or even Karabiner in Linux. You can do some crazy things, but they are not simple. People would argue "well this is not something that WM should be doing anyway" - in that case WM as a thing that lets you have splits and move windows around is kinda useless for me. You can read Xah Lee's post why he thinks window managers suck. (I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but he's got the point) What I really wanted is to be able to use keycords and modality and stay in home row. I want to press C-c C-x whatever-key and have an app send signal to my coffeemaker and show me the status of that coffee in a vertical split or whatever. And I wanted to switch tabs in my browser by pressing Super+h/l. No other window manager (except maybe StumpWM) lets you do that. I think I finally found my zen. I'm crazy about Emacs for many reasons, it would be pointless to preach to the choir here. But now I know that: - Emacs works much better in Linux - Things are way faster than in OSX - with EXWM I can simulate whatever keystrokes I like - every appp is just another buffer in Emacs I still have to figure out a few things to make it my main machine, but my days using OSX as my main machine I think coming to the end


That's awesome. And also the punchline of an old joke: emacs isn't an editor, it's an operating system with a decent editor built in. simple_smile


now Jeff, can you imagine being able to edit things in Slack App and any tab in your browser by pressing C-c ' - just like for source-blocks in Org mode?


I have a pipe dream of having super be used exclusively for window-management commands, and for all window-management commands, so that there's a nice separation between WM-level keyboard shortcuts and app-level keyboard shortcuts. So far nothing I've seen values this separation, but sounds like it'd be possible in EXWM.


Meaning it sends whatever text is in the current buffer to your editor? Is that what you mean?


so here's what I mean: - you want to post something to Stackoverflow - you go to SO, while cursor in editarea - you press C-c ' - EXWM opens a vertical split next to your browser window - you can edit everything and all the tools - syntax checker, abbrevs, thesaurus, etc. are at your disposal - you press C-c C-c and now that content goes back to your browser Seamlessly. You feel like you never left Emacs.


Hmm, very interesting. There's a lot of stuff in the emacs ecosystem, that you've probably already gotten configured for editing use. Why not use the same seamlessly from other apps. I like the idea there.


I'm guessing the new window opened in a vertical split looks like emacs?


> I'm guessing the new window opened in a vertical split looks like emacs what do you mean?


I mean, the new window that opens when you press C-c C-' is an emacs window (frame), right?


I don't see anything but your Slack window in that screenshot.


don't you see animated gif?


Ah, I turned off animations, sorry…opening externally.


Nice. 👍 I've seen that kind of thing before as a browser extension, but yeah, having it globally would be nice for sure.


yes, I have it for OSX, but it could be so much nicer in EXWM


that, among a few other things I need to figure out and voila - I can probably ditch my Mac (if my employer would let me)


oh.. wow... I just noticed - everything I posted before that gif has disappeared from Slack Android app... Slack seems to be having serious reliability issues


@U056QFNM5 do you have Slack mobile app? Can you check please? Seems Slack on my phone thinks we never had that conversation


I don't have the Android app, but on iOS it looks like I'd expect, with all the recent history.


oh wow... I had to delete all the app's data (not just cache) and then the content came back, but I had to resign to all my workspaces.

😞 4

and now I don't see the latest message I sent to you, I said "thanks for checking this out for me"


Computers, man. ¯\(ツ)


@ag do you use the pomodoro technique?


yes I do...