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How many virtual onyx nodes can I create on a 4-core processor?


hi. have you ever considered to publish onyx as bundle to cloud platforms such as ?


@mike1452 I am not sure how that would work. Your tasks are bundled together as data with your deployed peers. I ran onyx on dcos by just deploying via marathon and scing


@a.espolov I’ve run up to 70+ on a 4 core box, but you need to tune some things, and it greatly depends on what your peers are doing.


@a.espolov you need to tune and to keep idle cpu burn low, "-Daeron.term.buffer.length=XXXX" to keep your buffers smaller so you don’t run out of shm space.


@lucasbradstreet It is not difficult to give examples of the meaning of the listed parameters?


idle-min-sleep-ns, idle-max-sleep-ns, -Daeron.term.buffer.length=XXXX


@a.espolov Some of these correspond directly to Aeron configuration opts. There’s more depth in their configuration manual -


The idle parameters are described in the links, but possibly the description should be improved. I've been meaning to document that Aeron option in the onyx docs but hadn't got around to it.


The idle parameters are the number of nanosecond that the peer will sleep if there is no work to be done. The greater the number, the less CPU burn while idle; though latency will increase accordingly.