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Ruben W12:08:06

Is there a way to force hoplon to reload when developing using boot-reload. My SPA only rerenders when I change the index.cljs, but when I modify an element in another file (e.g., which is used in index.cljs, the page doesn’t rerender


@freakinruben We can’t solve that issue currently as jQuery will only add one instance of a class to an element


^try it out with the example, you can’t add blue twice


I’m not sure about GCL but I assume it’s the same

Ruben W19:08:35

if you require instead of hoplon.jquery in index.cljs, it doesn’t use jquery right?


correct, that would be one quick test

Ruben W19:08:46

tried already, without my own implementation of :class, but normalize-class ofcourse still makes a map of it then

Ruben W19:08:09

not sure what you mean with creating my own implementation for classs


well :class is just part of the do! multimethod, you can implement your own method


but either way, I think you get stuck by normalize-class


let me check

Ruben W19:08:59

ah cool, didn’t know you could extend hoplon like that


@freakinruben try the page I wrote on the wiki

Ruben W19:08:02

Indeed, also doesn’t work without normalize-class using GCL


mhm, personally I stopped using sem-ui because it was difficult within hoplon, now using Material Components Web and UIKit


my issues were mostly using it’s javascript

Ruben W19:08:39

ah, I’ve been trying to avoid the JS part of sem-ui, but still in the exploring fase 😉


which contains all my wrappers for sem-ui

Ruben W20:08:28

yeah I saw, but I wanted to use the .less files of sem-ui and I believe you import the css

Ruben W20:08:51

also, it started throwing some spec errors when I tried it with cljs 1.9.854, although I can’t tell you which atm


yeah updating it isnt a priority right now, since it’s not really used compared to the UIKit library

Ruben W21:08:49