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Hey — I have a question that I haven't been able to find a solution to online (which is pretty unusual actually). Hopefully it's a straightforward fix. The issue is this. In an onClick handler I call om/update! on a shared cursor, which sets its value to be a vector. This triggers a call to render-state on affected components. However, even though I had previously called om/observe on that cursor with respect to those components, the updated value is not reflected in those render calls, even when calling deref on the cursor in question.


The strange thing is that the updated value is shown in the render lifecycle functions when I click the checkbox (triggering the onClick handler) again, as well as every subsequent time.


(This is for om "original" version 0.9.0, not


@anmonteiro I think I found an issue with transform-reads where it returns multiple reads with the same "root join". One solution would be to merge the reads returned. Minimal repro:


I put together a sample repo rendering components in react storybook:


i know we can use devcards, but it's nice to leverage existing work in the JS community as well. the more options the better