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@cfleming how to see exception/log from stubs generation? I update EAP just now and: I need to regenerate stubs nice! new/better tips on code!. But it failing


I'm not having a lot of success generating stubs either in the just-released IntelliJ / Cursive EAP


@cfleming idea: on REPL commands, would be nice to have options about what to do with the command output, I found some cases that would be useful to instead of printing the result on the REPL, I want to replace the current selection (or insert on caret position in case nothing is selected) with the output


a case that I found it would be cool is a implementation of sort imports


currently I have a command that reads the selection (in this case I select my required items) and output a sorted version of it


but currently I have to manually copy the output and paste over, would be cool to be able to make this happen automatically as a configuration of the command ouput, makes sense?


I like that spellcheck has been added to the latest Cursive EAP. Is it possible to ignore a word instead of adding it to the dictionary? I have many cases where a word is not a valid dictionary word but it is the correct spelling for the symbol. It makes sense to me to only have actual dictionary words in the dictionary.


Also, it'd be cool if spell checking could be disabled for #uuids.


@kenny I think you just need to add it to the dictionary


yeah, if you want to include all the UUID's in the dictionary it gets a bit large 😛


Yeah, that solves the problem but the words I'm adding are not actual words haha.


Having all the green squigglys annoys me 😆


are they in a particular place? e.g. in function definitions?


The PHP version (for example) allows to disable spelling checks in certain places


not sure about Cursive