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Not sure if anyone else has played with it, but I really like parboiled ( as a parser generator. I've successfully build a Clojure-like parser in a day or two using it for my own experimental language. Relevant source here:


If there is serious interest in rewriting Clojure's reader or developing new parsers, I think it is well worth a look.


@mikera I know parboiled from my Scala days


Have you actually used it from clojure?


@alexmiller > but the Java version is still noticeably faster kind of hurts to know..


@matan I don't think it would possible to actually define the parser in Clojure since parboiled relies on some clever analysis / code generation from Java source code. However it would be very easy to use the generated parser from Clojure (you could just wrap it in an IFn that e.g. takes a string and produces data structures / AST nodes)


@alexmiller do you know why the!forum/clojurescript group is text-only and not like the clojure group which allows formatting?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:05:45

probably just a setting somewhere


can you change it? or who is the admin of that?