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sineer 03:39:26

@tobiash have you looked at this code from madvas he does server sent events with alt! on server but uses on client...

sophiago 03:48:35

does anyone here use goog.cssom? i need to call css methods and that seems like the way to do it

sophiago 03:55:32

it seems to allow you to just pass strings that get added to stylesheets so i'm mainly wondering for use with how to get it to refer to the element i'm apply it to since google's docs are a bit unclear. for example, whether i can be like (goog.dom/addCssRule (str "#" id) (str ...))

sineer 05:39:45

@denik I really like your example. I don't know how to solve the puzzle however but I would love to hear about it when you succeeed :wink: Also it would make a great blog post!

doglooksgood 10:19:23

Is it a good idea to translate datomic pull syntax to SQL?

isak 19:06:37

@doglooksgood : thats what i did, and it works pretty well

isak 19:06:58

works for most types of queries we ask for in our app

isak 19:07:26

there are some restrictions, e.g., can't have multiple one-to-many paths in one sql query

denik 20:41:16

@sineer thanks! I've posted some ideas at the bottom here

bbss 21:08:53

@bbss uploaded a file: Untitled and commented: Is something wrong with my query/data?

bbss 21:15:32

Okay figured it out, had to pass the derefed state as second argument too.

levitanong 21:50:36

Hi all! I just published om-style, a lightweight colocated style lib similar to om-css, except it does all the style handling server-side. It comes with a boot task and a protocol to be added to any class. I’ve slowly iterated on it over the course of 4 different projects, and now I’d like some outside help.

This is my first clojure library and I’d like to get as much feedback/criticism/suggestion as possible. Perhaps a few PRs for bugs, etc...