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Drew Verlee03:02:12

Anyone catch any good software talks recently?

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Not about development, but this talk changed my view on CI/CD

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this is old but had great fun with it

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Drew Verlee09:02:50

Thanks for the suggestions!


@U0DJ4T5U1 do you have some you liked? i'm always happy about suggestions

Drew Verlee13:02:46

Anything by michael Or zach tellmen. Here is a collection of strange loop talks from 2021 which i liked: @U01DV4FGYJ0

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Drew Verlee13:02:02

Though, i don't think i have ever seen a talk that really influenced my career past Richs talks. Most tech concepts i learn about in talks are overshadowed by social and business concerns.


Yeah those are extremely rare and Rich has had the strongest influence on me too. I remember when React came out there were two talks, one about React itself and one about the Flux architecture. Those made me adopt React very early. Other than that I have troubles coming up with any, even though I generally really enjoy listening to tech talks.

respatialized14:02:49;t=2s Though I don't know nearly enough about hardware for the ideas contained in this talk to have an influence on my day-to-day work, I thought the ideas Seltzer presents were absolutely fascinating. The talk is about how you can observe the inputs and outputs of CPU registers and identify correlations between them to provide automatic memoization of arbitrary code. It's like a super extreme version of I like watching talks like this because it helps me think about how the relationship between hardware and software might be very different in the future.

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Daniel Jomphe21:02:44

Thanks @U0N9SJHCH the talk on CI-CD is what I needed right now!

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Drew Verlee03:02:19

Here is a somewhat sobering talk on ... Idk, why simple might not matter? More specially on why mit switched from scheme to python.