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clojure-lsp Released with a lot of performance improvements and some new features! Main highlights: The focus of this release was to make clojure-lsp faster on a lot of places, especially on the post-startup time, which stands for the time clojure-lsp analyzed whole project with clj-kondo default linters but is yet linting whole project for unused-public-vars and looking for test trees. 🚀 We did lots of completion and code actions performance improvements thanks to @jacob.maine which did a great help on that! 👏 Following @borkdude suggestion, clojure-lsp by default now check source-paths from the classpath string and not manually checking your project deps file, this should decrease a lot the false-positives of wrong source-paths, especially for lein/deps mono-repo projects! Check more details 🏁 And at least but not last, we now have support for finding implementations of defprotocols following LSP spec and with the help of clj-kondo 🎉 check the gif for a example This release was supported by clojurists-together gratitude Thank you for the new gold sponsor 🧡 For more information check #lsp

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Mediquest has open sourced its Zorgrank API project at It’s a Luminus project that aims to help a general practitioner and patient make joint decisions about the most suitable follow-up care by ranking care providers using a selection model called ZorgRank. Example client of the API can be found here: and the Swagger docs here:

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