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Pagoda 5B08:02:21

Is there a channel to ask beginner's questions? Is this a good choice?


#beginners is a good choice, as well as specific tool channels, like #calva in your case


This is rather a channel where we take this question as feedback that we are missing to provide information about this Slack somewhere, @U02JTH42R7A. 😃

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Pagoda 5B09:02:33

sorry, but I couldn't find #beginners using the slack channel list...


Isn't it there? How long have you been a member on this Slack?

Pagoda 5B11:02:10

:thinking_face: a few months?

Pagoda 5B11:02:01

Ok, now that I was sure it was there I did found it by searching, TY

Pagoda 5B11:02:15

and joined... of course 😄


Thing is it should be a default channel, so be in your list w/o needing to search for it. (But maybe by search you mean you searched with your eyes?)

Pagoda 5B12:02:23

no searched with the search... but I must've missed it, I don't know how 🤷:skin-tone-3:



Pagoda 5B08:02:15

I'm having troubles using clojure.core definitions in the VScode editor, I can't seem to find definitions that I'd expect should be "in use scope"


I've shared this question in the #calva channel, assuming you are using Calva.

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