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Here’s something ironic. I’ve been reading books and watching lectures/talks about software quality and design fairly regularly this year. Apparently one of the big, unsolved problems of our time seems to be making presentation software work. Not even some of the most famous programmers and thinkers have figured this out yet. (As I’m writing this, my spell-checker has underlined the word “of”, apparently it cannot find the word in the dictionary).


I think several people have thinks that work for them. I still kind of want to invest some time into other solutions, but Google presentations gets the job done without a lot of frustration.


I’ve used a web based presentation library lately but that was for a web development course, so it made sense to illustrate it that way and give them another tool they can use outside of making websites. However I think the bigger point is that some of the boring, every day software problems are ubiquitous and unsolved. A more severe instance of this is Excel, which has lead to many disasters in the past. A recent article on the matter (well written and insightful):


. I went to that link and it showed nothing... I allow JS and it showed... text... Why am I needing to run JS to have a site show just a wall of text!


Because the presenter chose to use a well established browser feature. I can see how making sites noscript proof (progressive enhancement) is useful for let’s say a government site or other critical information. But for a blog i don’t think it would matter at all.

Otto Nascarella15:07:49

Sorry to barge in… have you tried ?

Otto Nascarella15:07:13

it’s made in clojurescript/clojure by the way

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nice Ill have a look!

Bryce Tichit22:07:11

Their website is absolutely fire

Bryce Tichit22:07:52

Product looks really nice and the marketing is perfect. For sure this is a good source of inspiration