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Kevin Depue02:07:24

Hey folks, I'm curious if it's possible for cider to font-lock Java types / symbols inside of Emacs


In a Java buffer or interop in a clojure buffer?

Kevin Depue02:07:40

In a Clojure buffer that references java symbols

Kevin Depue02:07:11

aka, stuff like (GLFW/glfwWindowHint GLFW/GLFW_REFRESH_RATE (.refreshRate vidmode))

Kevin Depue02:07:39

There, GLFW is a Java import, .refreshRate is a Java getter, GLFW_REFRESH_RATE is a symbol, etc.

Kevin Depue02:07:43

None of them are font locked though


i'm not sure. there are a few options for CIDER to font lock some different things but i don't think interop is in there


i dont' think there's any reason it couldn't though

Kevin Depue03:07:35

I haven't found anything suggesting this is possible just yet, curious if anyone else has any leads 🙂


I meant possible to code it to work, not necessarily that something exists now

Kevin Depue03:07:47

yeah haha 😉

Kevin Depue03:07:07

Interestingly, intellisense isn't working for java getters either (aka., .refreshRate)


Is it possible to have cider log and print (at least a summary) every evaluation?


What do you need it for?


in the repl area.