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Are there stripe alternatives for buying and selling of securities? Stripe actually doesn’t allow payments to be made for a security like a stock or a financial security. I have an app that works kind of like Robinhood. Stripe’s cut is also very large for trading of securities. What are the best ways that I can take payments for buying and selling of securities in my app?


robinhood does it by selling data about who is buying what to hedgefunds in real time


make of that what you will


I know robinhood has a bad rep. My point is how the charge is created to the credit card and the money transferred to Robinhood’s bank? I mean consider any platform that’s buying and selling securities. If stripe takes 2.9% per transaction, you’d have to give at least a 2.9% profit to the investors just to break even, which is ludicrous in my case. Are there other ways? For example, how does cashapp do it?


I didn't mean to point it out like "oh boy its bad", but to imply the rails they use for processing this stuff might require a "deal" to get on


so there might not be an api, but instead an ACH like thing you need to get on


What sort of securities are you talking about? It would seem like the high fees for transactions are are the least of your problems (relative to regulation) if you're making a platform to buy/sell traditional securities. And if you're in the crypto space, that also kind of answers the question (just accept crypto deposits)


The securities are the royalties of music and art. For example an artist sells the royalties of an upcoming album, and investors buy it. When that album is released, bought, played or performed, the revenue from these sources contributes to the return of investment.


It’s hard to say whether music and art royalties are covered under the regulations