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[com.wsscode/transito "2021.07.04"] is out! This is a small new library to simplify basic usages of Transit (AKA: not having to create Java Buffer classes to do simple string encode/decode of transit). That and another few other goodies, find out more at

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Fulcro 3.5 is on Clojars. The primary goals of this release were to separate as much of the logic from React as possible, and to improve the React Hooks support. This involved a lot of code motion, but only a small number of very rarely used vars could not be aliased back to their original location. This means there is the potential for a breaking change, but if your code uses those vars it will fail to compile, and the fix is trivial. There are also some improvements to the APIs for form state support, dynamic routing, and UI state machines. See the Git commit log for details.

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Does the logic separation imply that you want to be able to support multiple rendering backends other than react or is it more about being able to express things in the fulcro way at a deeper level?

Björn Ebbinghaus11:07:00

@U01EFUL1A8M There was someone in the fulcro channel who experimented with a javaFX and a console renderer. Have a look here:

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Björn Ebbinghaus12:07:23

@U01EFUL1A8M There is even a video from Tony Kay himself about using re-frame to render and Fulcro for state management.

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Is there a part of documentation on using Fulcro state management facilities without UI components? from looking at table of contents it seems to still be intermingled, also since defsc is in fulcro.components namespace makes it seem like it includes built-in React/DOM components


At the moment only docstrings in c.f.f.raw.components and c.f.f.raw.application. Only so many hours in the day.

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didn’t realize there was a nested c.f.f.raw namespace (the membrane-fulcro example above must be from a previous iteration) thanks for pointing that out, will glance at docstrings


There are also a number of minor improvements to the various RAD libraries. See their commit histories if interested.