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Dear Calva friends. is just updated with a new design. It’s the Calva symbol at the front, and some silly Clojure code at the back, I named it “We do it with Rich Comments” 😀. Also some more availability of the existing designs. Please check it out! Amazon only lets me add a design or a market per day so it is slow populating with t-shirts. If there is some particular design you want to see in some particular Amazon store, please let me know and I’ll prioritise accordingly. While at it I’d like to highlight this from the Merch page: > To keep the admin of this shop to a minimum the merch is sold at production prize. There is no royalty going to anyone in the Calva team when you buy one of these t-shirts. You will represent, which is certainly a way to support the project. You are of course encouraged to support us via sponsoring as well: > > * > *

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It struck me. Wouldn’t it be good if the closing paren of a comment form was auto-formatted to its own line?


Actually got the idea from reading the source on the t-shirt.


Yes, that makes sense. I find myself often fighting against the auto folding of that last paren. Please add as feature request! I have no idea how tricky it might be to implement, but I’ll give it a shot! 😃


I used to use ,) to keep the paren on its own line (in Atom, and then in VS Code with the old paredit extension), but when I switched to Calva, the , was treated as whitespace to the degree that TAB would put ,) back up on the previous line 😞 -- so now I use .) which stops Calva's paredit from moving it.


Do you find yourself putting that . at the end for other forms than comment?


Just comment.

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If I jack in, pick shadow-cljs and start an node-repl where can I find the nodejs output? To see the actual javascript errors and that kind of stuff. I'm a very happy Calva user btw, thanks for all the good work.

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Have you looked in the jack-in terminal output?


Alright I'm back again with some more information


In the first picture I did what I described above, jack-in node-repl. When I trigger an error I see this node-repll-exit thing. I searched in other places. The output-calve-repl window looks like it should show those errors. This #object[Promise bla bla] this is some output from the repl I assume.


Also, and I think it fits within the same "problem" is that if I do a console.log directly from the code. I mean (.log js/console "Hello") and shift+ctrl+c,space I see it show up in the window. But if I have a console.log as part from the code, for example I want to log what request comes in on a ring handler it does not show up in the window.


But then I take a different approach and I do a shadow-cljs watch app and then node build/main.js and then connect to the app repl I do get al kinds of output in the terminal of the repl:


What am I missing?