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Gleb Posobin12:03:25

I am putting a clojure backend on my own server, what workflow would you suggest for deployment? I want something close to heroku workflow in terms of convenience, and also want to be able to run it locally in an environment closest to the server. Have only worked with heroku before, and have trouble googling this stuff.


Heroku does support Clojure if that's what you want.

Gleb Posobin13:03:16

I know that, I want to use my own server.

Ahmed Hassan13:03:37 The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen

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Gleb Posobin13:03:16

I have seen it, but how do I reproduce the environment locally?


you uberjar your project and sftp it to the server when you deploy or push the most up to date version to a hosted git repo (hub/lab/etc) and build on your server


you'll probably need a few small shell scripts to manage database migrations and so on.


Docker is not the worst if you want the same env locally and in production.