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Is this right channel for general Calva usage questions?


Right, so that previous name obviously blurred the channel purpose. Please help me identify places where we now need to update the channel name, using this thread.


Thanks. I updated the SO answer. Couldn't edit the ClojureVerse post, b/c closed I think.

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And now Calva is updated, as well as docs and the wiki.


Hey guys, I’m using calva on windows and I’m wondering if I have to do something specific to enable inline results from evaluation. I can send results to the real window but the commands to display the result as a comment don’t seem to work for me. I use the vim extension but have turned it off to see if that was an issue but no change.


Both those should just work. Maybe something else occupies the keyboard shortcuts? Tried running the commands from the command palette?


Hmm yea just tried it with command palette and same result, sending to repl works, sending to comment does not.


Opened the same project on Mac and it works. I’m actually running the project from the wsl on my windows machine so maybe that’s a difference.


It should work anyway. Especially if it works sending to the REPL window. Can you file it as an issue via VS Code´s Help menu? Then it should attach some details about your setup.


Sure, I’ll do that. The inline result and comment result both appear to not be working on my setup which makes me think maybe it has something to do with displaying things in the open file.


Evaluating to comment should edit the file and put the results there.


False alarm sorry, I was in a clojurescript file. The inline and comment output works fine in the Clojure files.


It should work for cljs too.


Is there a way to see the output of a println from calva?


Yes, it should print to either the output channel or the repl window.


@U0ETXRFEW I'm not seeing it in either. Maybe my setup? I have a deps.edn file w/ an cider nrepl alias that i'm starting from the terminal and then connecting to via VS code


You could try to let Calva start the project, and skip the alias then, it will only confuse Calva.


I’m following a walkthrough a walkthrough that uses lein-cljsbuild to handle the cljs flies and I’m jacking in with the plain leiningen setup so I assumed that’s why it’s not working in cljs files maybe?


Yes, that could be why. Starting a cljs repl server can be a bit tricky if you don't use shadow-cljs or figwheel.