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Linus Ericsson09:01:10

APL is interesting. I know two large systems in Sweden. One is the largest health care journal system, named Take Care, the other one is a very complex order-to-delivery-system in the car industry which my dad spent most of his work life on. There is a commercial IDE called Dyalog, which is feature complete (I think they use images like small talk).


What’s the name of the automotive thing? I’m in the e-health sector so know more than I want about Take Care, but the only other APL system I have encountered was a logistics system for Volvo (Group, not cars). And that Volvo thing had to be decommissioned as the only person who knew it was well past retirement age... πŸ˜…

Linus Ericsson14:01:37

Yes, it's Volvo. It's a bit sad that they try to get rid of the system for this reason - APL seems to be very well suited for that kind of systems.


I was not aware that APL was used in production. I wonder how much people would pay to maintain such systems... :thinking_face:


Oh, lots and lots. Just like all the mainframe systems in COBOL.


And CL and FORTRAN in all those math and physics libraries. :)


I had to take COBOL off my resume because I kept getting recruiters offering me "exciting" maintenance jobs πŸ™‚

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sean if you write a cobol generator in clojure ...

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parrot 4
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clobojure? cobolojure?


koboldjure πŸ™‚

eccentric J22:01:56

cobjure 🌽


Ah, I like the sound of Clojbol. "Clojure Business Oriented Language" instead of "COmmmon Business Oriented Language"


I don't want to use the language, whether anyone creates one or not πŸ™‚


(alter para-123 :to-proceed-to para126)


i'm looking for a video of the presentation associated with: -- has anyone come across a recording?