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Andy Wootton01:01:22

I haven't heard of APL for decades but this is about the 4th time it's come up in the last week. I learned that there's a GNU APL and emacs has a virtual keyboard. Alan Kay answered a question about it on Quora too.

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@seancorfield I'm curious what your APL story after the final year project is?


@myguidingstar unfortunately I never got to use it much after that. My postgrad work focused on Lisp and ML-family languages, then my first job was all compilers and virtual machines (years before Java appeared). But it all left me with a fascination for learning and using lots of different programming languages.


how does one request that a channel get logged at zulip? i think #vscode is not and am thinking it might be worthwhile


i think you just invite @zulip-mirror-bot to the channel?


also invite @logbot so it will be logged to clojurians logs