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I would like to generate a site with :blog-prefix set to either /blog or /test-blog , depending on whether I am generating the static site for the live website or the test environment. This setting affects the Continue Reading links on the main page when :preview? true is set. Is it possible to use a different content/config.edn when calling lein run to generate the static site? For example, having a content/config-test.edn to configure the test environment? I am using GitHub project (not user or org, they are already used) to host a cryogen blog and everything works great for one environment. I created a second GitHub repository and deployment works, but the continue reading links on the main page either go to the live website or get a 404 if the article is only on the test site. I am looking at the section for ideas, but there isnt an obvious (to me) way of doing this, without investigating the Cryogen source code more deeply. Am I missing something obvious?


I found a solution. If I add a config-file argument to the -main function in src/cryogen/core.clj and use that a a way of specifying an overrides file, then I can call lein run content/config-test.edn or lein run content/config.edn depending on if I want the test site or live site.

(defn -main [config-file]
  (compile-assets-timed (read-string (slurp config-file)))
  (System/exit 0))


I am assuming the src/cryogen/server.clj is used by the command lein ring server and not lein run and so I wont need to change that file as I always want that to be using just the content/config.edn file.


If there is a better approach, I would be interested to hear. Otherwise I'll write this up for an article on my blog in a week or two and share that link here.


@jr0cket that sounds like the right approach. I guess you're passing the contents of the config to the compiler in order to override the default config then? Sort of like what the docs describe in the configuration section:

If you want to override or extend config.edn from code, (e.g. by reading environment variables or by using an untracked file) you can edit src/cryogen/core.clj and src/cryogen/server.clj to pass a clojure map to the compile-assets-timed function.


Yes, I just followed what the docs were saying, with the addition of changing -main to take a config hash-map, so I could then choose to override the default (live) config. Ideally I should make the argument optional, and test for the argument, so I only have to provide a config hash-map when generating a test site


I didn't try with environment variables yet...