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Great article about Lambda Calculus In Clojure: Full credit to Sergio Rodrigo Royo (link to the original source in the article)


Hello everyone. I need to document a big clojure project which i did not create(but trying to understand it at my best). It has lots of namespaces and functions. Any suggestion which software design diagrams(UML or any thing else) should I use for the design specific documentation. It would be great if it can show which function is calling what. Or can show some kind of control flow.


I do not have any recommendations for you, but I wanted to pile on another question -- in such a control flow graph, does anyone have good conventions for how to show that visually when functions are passed as arguments to other functions, and are then called, i.e. higher-order functions? Also for functions that return functions as return values. And of course even crazier is when you start getting into futures, promises, core.async, etc. But even ignoring those last possibilities, the earlier questions are interesting.