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for macro, how about let user write a function or something like spec, receive the params of macro, and return a map like {:fns [(xxx []), (yyy [a b c])], :vars [v1 v2 v3], :bindings [local-v1 local-v2]}


Is there any fast way to drop a #_ on some text? The comment command prints a ; which is not so helpful


@kenny the IntelliJ Terminal is really weird, I've found lots of odd behaviour between it and iTerm 2


The strange part is it doesn't happen in my terminal but it does in my co-worker's.


I haven't found a way to do the #_ thing. It would be helpful.


Also worth nothing that the comment command does not send parens to a new line whereas typing a ; does.


@doglooksgood You mean for adding macro support for Cursive?


That’s actually almost exactly what Cursive does internally. I’m planning to open the API for that, but it needs some love first (it was some of the first code I wrote in Cursive and is very crufty, and doesn’t integrate with IntelliJ as well as it could).


@danielcompton IntelliJ has a “Comment with block comment” command which I’m planning to make do that, but there’s nothing right now.


that's a good plan!

Drew Verlee13:01:10

Does cursive support parnifer and in line s expression evaluation that shows right next to the s expression? The latter is sort of like what happens when I debug in Java. Answer to parnifer is yes.


@genekim if you look under Help, I believe there is a menu item that says “... cursive cheat sheet” where ... is download or something. It should bring up a page externally that shows a bunch of cursive specific keybindings. Check if those are working?


If they aren’t, you could be missing some mappings


Oh, great idea, @dadair — thanks! I’ll check it out when I dig my laptop out shortly!


@genekim: I'm pretty sure those instructions are outdated - the cheatsheet is under Help -> Show Cursive Cheatsheet. There used to be a big song and dance to get keybindings set up and Colin fixed a bunch of that pretty recently.


@danielcompton: I've setup a shortcut for #_ by recording and binding a macro - it's kind of inconvenient since you have to do it from the start of the form but still better than nothing.


@shaun-mahood thanks, I’ll check it out


@genekim Right, I changed that recently because it was very confusing. However I haven’t yet updated my doc, which is even more confusing 😕


Not all the commands are mapped because IntelliJ already uses so many keybindings, I have to leave it up to the user which conflicts are acceptable to them.