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I remember being quite pissed when slime became cider. I upgraded to it back then, then left my setup alone for years (was it so long really?)... I recently upgraded to the latest because of incompatibilities with latest emacs . And i must say cider is now so much better... I want to give thanks to bozhidar and contributers. You guys really made the very best dev environment I could imagine.


It went from rickety to dependable, with so many feature ... awesome !


@carkh Happy to hear this! And thanks for the kind words! 🙂


The project definitely had a rocky start, and getting to a point of stability took us a while, but at least we got there eventually. 😉


It's the little things ... for instance it's now ok to close a repl in windows, no dangling java process. Cider is now way faster. syntax coloring is better too. And i'm not mentioning the big features like automated testing, datastructure inspection etc


anyways, back to my grumpy self =)


cider must have one of the highest (net productivity gain of clojure community) / ($s donated) ratios of all time


Shouldn’t CIDER disable undo in the REPL while it’s appending text? I’m getting buffer undo limit warnings from verbose logs (e.g. starting datomic with logback set to DEBUG).


A colleague is getting an error cider-jack-in on a freshly lein new'd project using spacemacs and CIDER 0.16.0. Error is

nREPL server started on 50309
[nREPL] Establishing direct connection to localhost:50309 ...
error in process filter: nrepl--direct-connect: [nREPL] Direct connection to localhost:50309 failed
error in process filter: [nREPL] Direct connection to localhost:50309 failed
Does this ring any bells for anyone? I found a great number of tickets pre-v0.16.0 but nothing recent.


Deleted everything and got the same error with out of the box emacs/spacemacs/cider 0.17.0-snapshot


And now it seems to be happening with a rather bare-bones emacs install


is there any more information in the *Messages* buffer?


that's everything


I wonder if it could be something similar to but that appears well fixed by the Riga release