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perhaps the functions could be named imap or ifilter instead of having different semantics from all other languages


It's a crazy world we live in, and here we are on this island of sanity...


the thing that frightens me most -- is how much I despite python -- yet how popular it is and how it has the best data mining / machine learning libraries -- this suggests there's something very fundamental about programming langauges that I'm getting wrong, yet I hav no idea what


not really, that's just how people in general works. if you have a tool that works, you probably won't go and learn another tool (esp. if it's not easy to learn and there are less people using it)


It makes no sense for many people to invest a significant amount of time and effort to learn somthing that's got unclear merits up-front and a small user-base.... we're probably the crazy ones in their eyes.


we might be slightly better than the avg python user, but we're not better (atleast I'm not better) than the avg python library writer ; and the fact these library writers continue to write in python implies something


IMO the set of tools one choese has little to do one's skills. It only makes sense to create things that work with the most popular tool.


and in the case of Python, there are many domain experts who are not mainly devs but happen to know python, it's much easier to work with them if you speak the same lingo.


Python + Google made python what it is today imho


Not saying it didn't earn some of it on the merits


But the investment certainly didn't hurt


yeah, if it wasn't for GAE/Python or Python/Tensorflow, I would not be using Hy


I'm not a very big fan of a billion corp having the power to basically say to me"We will choose the langauge for you."


hello guys, does anyone knows how google map displays it’s map webgl/svg/.. ?


they blogged about it when they switched


Both Python and Javascript have similar qualities: claims of simplicity, they look really easy to use. But their elements end up adding up to far less than simple, dredging along their own pitfalls and complexity. It's a siren song to someone looking to 'just get started' in programming. Python even has the added benefit of 'just working'; someone new in Python can blunder their way through and write code that seems intuitive, and might actually get it right: a lot of the core library has easy-to-understand names, etc. It feels effortless to write simple scripts. Doesn't say much for its maintenance, though, and definitely not for its package management. Oh, and they commit horrible crimes like this: > "Wheels are the new standard of python distribution and are intended to replace eggs."


@fellshard yeah I remember watching a demo of wheels, and everyone raving about how great they were. I was like "how..."?


We were tasked with daemonizing a Python script, not realizing just how far the rabbit hole goes on that front.