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Can anyone help me on finding single board computer which are powerful enough to run clojure applications? Raspberry Pi/Pi Zero or BeagleBone Black is what I’ve tested and they are not powerful enough.


I take it that Clojure runs, but it’s too slow for your purposes?


Comparing a RaspberryPI Zero to a RaspberryPI 3, I see the Zero has a 1GHz single core CPU, while the RaspberryPI 3 has a 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU.


I have a couple of RaspberryPI 3s. I haven’t tried to run a JBoss server on them, or anything like that, but I haven’t seen any issues myself


@quoll have you tried boot repl or lein repl on RPi3? On RPi, it takes more than 2 mins with my project. It seems that RPi3 is faster.


I just deployed a small clojure app on the RPi3 building on the RPi is out of the question, I only have JRE8 installed there and even then startup takes about a minute.


performance after the app started is ok though.


@akiroz good to hear that.


Weird question: Has anyone ever done a clojure internship? I’m a sophomore so I’m just trying to find something to work on next summer.


My external monitor just conked out. Any recommendations for a replacement? I could see myself getting one big one; or two smaller ones if it won't be a hassle to connect them to a laptop (currently Thinkpad T520i, but probably getting a Macbook Pro once the product line finally refreshes).


1920x1080 is fine. I'd rather keep my costs down.


@amacdougall perhaps start with Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ 23.8 at that resolution?


that's the goto in our office. the 27" similar to it is very very nice as well


I'll check that out! Thanks.


@chunsj: I've had better luck with running ClojureScript servers on the Pi. For JVM, you might try an Intel NUC, more expensive though