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Michael Griffiths11:02:05

It actually just falls back to a tagged representation using str [1][2] and avoids using any of the pr machinery – but I’d say that’s a virtue, since it means fipp can guarantee anything it prints is valid EDN (ignoring the print-length and print-level settings). pr only promises that anything it prints can be read by the Clojure (JVM) reader [1]: [2]:


puget seems to do something a bit special here too, going to investigate that a little, but for another project really.


I have a bit of polish before first real announce, but select-nrepl is now quite usable. This leverages rewrite-clj and provides ops for finding and selecting the current element, form, or toplevel in some code.


It's smart about what to do if some object is already selected - e.g. repeatedly selecting an element will iterate through elements left-to-right, regardless of nesting. repeatedly selecting forms will find the next-larger form. toplevels will move to the next toplevel.


(Also, selecting objects also takes surrounding metadata and other reader embellishments)


that's awesome