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morning and welcome back @fahd.elmazouni!!!

Fahd El Mazouni10:02:14

Thank you ! Good morning to all !


>Long time no see lovely people ! If you'd like to see lovely people in the near future, go here: 😬

Fahd El Mazouni10:02:51

I would love to ! Once I'm good enough with clojure I might invest in going to clojured ! And it so happens that I have a city crush on Berlin !


may I say that your level of Clojure is not relevant for attending a conference... you'll learn regardless of your level and meet new people.

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Fahd El Mazouni14:02:17

True, but since I want to maximize my learning there because it would come at great cost ( I'm a poor student ) I'd rather have a higher level so that I could learn more and communicate better


makes sense...