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Hi, Has someone already used AirBnB DateRangePicker with reagent ? Can't make it work ... thanks


@ouvasam yes, but I'm away from computer for a bit. Can provide a snippet later

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Hi all! I'm quite new to CLJS and very new to Reagent / React, so sorry in advance for my ignorance. I'm trying to use react-navigation in my react-native app, and in order to set the title I need to set a static property in my component's class. Link: I honestly have no idea how to do this, since my component just looks like this:

;; View / Text taken from react-native
(defn Login []
  (fn []
     [Text "Login Screen"]]))
And is then turned into a react component using (reagent.core/reactify-component Login). Anyone have any pointer on how to solve this?


Ahh nevermind, I just need to pass it in createStackNavigation facepalm


@ouvasam Was about to spin up an example, but looks like you can peak at this repo:


Many thanks @U0522BZ1R and sorry fro this late response. I saw this but it seems that something change after version 13. i did try the v19.0.3. The example doesn't work. But anyway, i did go with for now. Thanks for your support !


I will try to do a basic project to find how i can wmake it work