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Ben Sless07:10:44

@seancorfield would you like some music recommendations for your vacation? Any style in particular?


Nice offer! My two main genres are punk/new wave (stuff like The Fall) and dark electronic (stuff like Amon Tobin). Plus things that kind of merge the two in the whole industrial genre (stuff like Throbbing Gristle).

Ben Sless08:10:19

For dark electronic the closest relevant suggestion I have is probably Perturbator, he has stuff ranging from the more to For some more electronica there's always Hope one of those is to your liking


@UK0810AQ2 Ooh, I hadn't run across Perturbator before -- interesting stuff. Added a few of their albums to my YT library for later listening. Familiar with Autechre. @U052A8RUT Rodhad looks interesting too -- added that album to YT (I don't have a Spotify account). Thank you, both!

Ben Sless03:10:19

Perturbator is just one creative metalhead from France with excellent sensibilities. His live shows also include impressive lighting fixtures


Have you seen any of Amon Tobin's shows on YT?

Ben Sless04:10:03

No, but from the few bits I heard sounds like I'll need to clear an hour one evening and give an entire album a listen-through


I really liked Lost & Found, Kitty Cat and slowly/not on Isam. Not quite but I think this is the closest I can get to Amon


Amon Tobin is really neat. I remember listening Supermodified in the last 2000. It was 🤯 .