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Thanks for the question @jjttjj 🙂 I'm a bit shamed to admin that this is a mistake that I did with the library. I should have separated the appender and output part from the start. That said, I think the parts could still be separated in the lib, requires a major version bump probabaly, but the install function might even stay the same (as it was intended to install json appender as the sole appender). Would also be good to document the mishap in the readme 😄


Thanks for the info! Yeah it's understandable, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something 🙂

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anyways, I was reading Clojure google group on the weekend and found out that someone had used this tiny lib that I made as an inspiration and reused the good parts 🙂


haven't gotten around thinking/doing the separation, but should probably do it, happy to accept PRs too 🙂