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Hi everyone! Now it’s time for you to help me test the awesome new shell command that delivers instant feedback, history and autocomplete! Use this shell command instead of the old prompt command. This 0.2.13.alpha-01 version is not released yet, but can be tested by executing clojure -M:poly from the workspace root, if you also set the :sha for the :polylith alias in ./deps.edn to the latest sha in the branch (`ad9fd96e8ae973769b6b64c3c93b5b5f54a997b0` at the moment). The next surprise is that the documentation for the poly tool has moved to (it belongs to this version that includes the shell command) so please check that out too!

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I look forward to playing with shell when I get back to work but, just glancing over the docs, I love that you can switch-ws and I really like the sound of that whole tap thing!


Version 0.2.13-alpha-02: ad9fd96e8ae973769b6b64c3c93b5b5f54a997b0