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@jayzawrotny I wouldn't say it relates to specific phases of a project but I do pick different styles of music depending on what sort of problem I'm tackling...


I just built and tested a new API in core.cache and wanted something noisy and a bit random to block out distractions since it was "hard thinking" work, so I picked Amon Tobin "Isam", but while I was doing maintenance releases earlier, I went with something a bit smoother and gentler (Jon Hassell "Aka / Darbari / Java").


My iTunes has nearly 1,000 albums, which is about 9,000 songs, or just over 29 days of music.


Back in England I had over 2,000 CDs but it wasn't practical to ship them all over (to a one bedroom apartment at first!) so I just sold them / gave them away and started collecting again in the US, but this time digital only. I'd say probably a third of my digital collection overlaps what I had accrued before. Maybe a bit less.

eccentric J00:08:17

That's gotta be an immense amount of storage space! My collection isn't nearly as impressive but I'm wondering if I can whip up a small clojure cli to count my saved albums and sum the time from Spotify.