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I haven't shared it here yet, but if you have forms in your app, this might be a little different from what you're used to yet useful đŸ˜‰ .. If you do happen to try it out, some feedback is greatly appreciated đŸ™‚


@jahson You are right, it would be probably the best to just handle the exception when trying to create in this case. Thanks! But is there a good way to structure re-frame code when having many asynchronous actions (Or if about all of the actions are asynchronous?) I have to mirror almost all my changes in PouchDB as soon as they happen. Would it be better to make a reg-fx which can take any asynchronous action through a namespaced keyword reference and additional params (More or less mirroring http-xhrio but with keywords instead of urls) Or maybe directly use PouchDB as the clientside store while not using re-frame for the persistent data at all?