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Aha! I see, thank you @tony.kay for explanation!


I guess the error I reported earlier with the Google example was from not being able to print the direct result of (ui-location-view), and including it in a defsc view gave different errors.


@bbss that warning is issued when one of the pluggable algs cannot be found. I removed the warning in the latest release I think, since some of them are optional.


as far as the error goes…I’ve not reviewed the HOC stuff, but I did just use that pattern this week…oh, but on F2. I have not looked at it for F3, so it prob needs some updates


@bbss I added two HOC live examples to the book: and a pre-written HOC helper that will make the common usage easier.


updating the text of the book a little more now


Book updated. There is now a live react motion demo:, and a demo using Stripe Elements (for payment collection):


That should cover most of the interop cases, and the live demos should ensure the docs stay up-to-date 😜


In the stripe/motion examples I include a Fulcro-controlled form input to ensure that data interop is working properly


beta 6 released with new React interop helpers to support what the book now says