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About your PR for :transform do you have any docs so I can read how it works? Why not something like (h/conformer (h/cat int? int?) (map inc))

Vincent Cantin11:08:48

@borkdude in the PR, there are some tests which are using the new transformer node via a new helper function.

Vincent Cantin11:08:38

I can write a doc once I go home later tonight. I myself like the new node and found a usecase in my Vrac project. I am interested to know if I should add more options in the node.


Thanks. I hope to take a look tomorrow

Vincent Cantin11:08:11

this one is an example with a data parsing


I actually took a look at that example, but didn't understand how that was useful: it has the same output as input?

Vincent Cantin11:08:52

because the functions are doing inverse transformations


that could just be accomplished using a predicate, so maybe not the best example?

Vincent Cantin11:08:29

inner model is sequence of things, from the outside it is a string


I could be missing something

Vincent Cantin11:08:31

a predicate alone could not leverage an inner model


This is why I'd like to see some docs: the tests alone don't explain enough to me. So I'll look again when you have those


I haven't used minimallist enough to be able to make sense of just code