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Scott Starkey19:08:16

OK, here I am… I’ve listened for a few months. Playing around with Clojure for about as long. I admit some of the stuff has gone over my head. Humorous anecdote: Listening from the beginning, and into the Twitter episodes, I was trying to figure out who this guy was you were talking about, “Corey Sink”. Then it dawned on me, remembering back to the Brave & True book. Doh! :face_palm: I still don’t totally get core.async but I’m leaving that kettle of fish for another day!

Drew Verlee00:08:30

Core async gives you ques between threads. In an abstract sense, It's a way to hand off work to different works. Think of a system where once a worker finishes a task they have to wait to hand the product off. Core asynce introduces an assembly line so the worker can put it on that and move on.

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welcome @scotto, glad you're here


yes, core.async is definitely a later round in the clojure learning progression