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Is there a way to get function instrumentation working in CLJS? There seems to be some stuff in malli.instrument.cljs but my CLJS build complains that that ns is not available.


Haven’t used that myself, but the tests pass. Are you depending on the latest version from master? It’s not released yet


Oh, I was on 0.7.5. Thanks!


@U0DTSCAUU feel free to ping me if you run into any issues!


added .pretty/explain

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from cursive


pushed all current stuff for leiningen users as`[metosin/malli "0.8.0-SNAPSHOT"]`

Karol Wójcik13:01:44

@ikitommi FYI: The CLJ Kondo config has unbalanced bracket 🧵


Thanks! Merged


I’m having a problem with instrumenting my functions. I define a function in namespace A and register it with Malli as follows:

(m/=> selectable-label [:=> [:cat [:map
                                   [:build map?]
                                   [:selectable-id id/SelectableId]]]
Then in namespace B I call
This triggers errors when compiling namespace B that namespaces id and locale are not found. These are aliases from the :require block in namespace A. Is there any way around this?


BTW namespace A is cljc while namespace B is cljs.


It works if I fully qualify id and locale.


I think this may be one of those subtle things about CLJS macros, where we can’t qualify the namespace since the macro is running in CLJ.

Игорь Лисовцов16:01:55

Hi there guys. I'm new to clojure and especially to malli. So, I'm playing around repl and malli, and notices that below example from the documentation doesn't work

  [string? {:decode {:string 'str/upper-case}}]
  "kerran" mt/string-transformer)
; => "KERRAN"
and instead of "KERRAN" it returns "kerran". Func at the place {:string func simply not called. Did I do something wrong?


The docs for this part are ahead of the release, plan is to release 0.8.0 n the next few days. If you know how to depend on the latest commit of malli, you can test that too.

Игорь Лисовцов17:01:26

Got it. Thank you a lot!