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I'm enjoying this apparent price war in Tesco between the two companies selling coconut water. Now all I have to do is figure out how to make it power the central heating

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what price war


For weeks there's been a special offer on either the "innocent" or the Vito branded coconut water. I can't tell the difference so I buy whichever one is on offer that day


Now it makes sense 😄 Is such competition common? I used to work for a small distributor of drinks of all kind and such campaigns were almost exclusively related to stock management. There was a lot of "competition" where the agents were trying to convince the shops to have more shelf space, or to place fridges and such with branding, sometimes even custom made signs with branding for the store with the name of the store.


The same is true for “Naked Juice” vs “Innocent” juices. One of the two will always be on offer (in Sainsbury’s), and they’re practically the same.